Ministerial Preparation

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Do you want to become a minister at the Wesleyan Church? In a nutshell, you need to:

1. Talk to your local pastor and get approval from your Local Board of Administration. Your pastor should then send a recommendation letter to the  District Office.


2. Register with the Wesleyan Headquarters Education and Ministry as a ministerial student.


3. Begin the process with your local District Board of Ministerial Development (DBMD).


4. Begin your studies by enrolling in a Wesleyan University or FLAME classes. You can also enroll in District Extension classes as they are offered.



Resources to get started 


Ordination Process in the Wesleyan Church Chart


This chart explains the Wesleyan Church procedure. Please note that there may be additional district requirements.


Becoming a Minister in the Wesleyan Church

We're glad that you're considering serving with the Wesleyan Church. Your first step to getting involved with us is to register with the Wesleyan Church, in the Education and Ministry Department.  The procedure to be followed and forms required are explained in the following sections.