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South Coastal District Harvest Partners


The Harvest Partners was established to assist in the funding of church planting in the South Coastal District.  


This year the District is celebrating seven church plants:



Revive in Covington, GA launched in September 2016 is led by Rev. George Clackum.

4Life Church in Macon, GA.  on the campus of Hephzibah Ministries is led by Rev. Rusty Bissell. 


Iglesia Nuevo Comienzo in Conyers, GA is being led by Pastor Lalo Loyoza. 


The Fringe Church in downtown Atlanta, GA.  This inner city congregation is led by Pastor Nic Beidel. 


Faith Group Church in Macon, GA is being led by Rev. John Hughey.


Oak Tree Wesleyan in Alpharetta, GA is being led by Pastor Lydia Lee.


New Beginning Christian Community in Savannah, GA—Pastor Eric Henley.  This congregation is as an Affiliate congregation.



Investing in the Harvest:

It is estimated that we will need at least $100,000 to fund these and other scheduled plants in the next few years...

God is faithful!



 How do we reach the 18 million people in our mission field?   Church Planting!


“Dozens of denominational studies have confirmed that the average new church gains most of its new members (60-80%) from the ranks of people who are not attending any worshipping body.Tim Keller - Why Plant Churches


Every donation given to Harvest Partners goes directly into church planting on the South Coastal District.  Thank you for investing in the Kingdom!



You may donate to the South Coastal District Harvest Partners by clicking the picture below.  


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